Villa Elevator

Careston villa elevator applies highly integrated intellectual control system with smooth; peaceful and comfortable brake, flexible and diverse car design.  It enhances the building image, reinforces use of intellectual functions.  You can truly feel the great convenience from high and new tech.

Three caring and considerate systems

Efficient drive system with sound environment protection

Careston Elevator applies permanent magnet synchronous and gear-less traction machine.  It features as compact outline, energy-saving, consumption & noise reducing, mute etc.

Reliable and considerate safety system

Careston elevator is equipped with multiple safety protection systems including regular safety components, i.e. safety tongs, speed governor, buffer, relevant electron protection measures.

Mute and intellectual control system

It applies double 32-digit computer board control system.  It constructs intellectual platform, safe; stable; mute; energy-saving; intellectual; human-centered elevator environment.  It provides vast passengers with effective and comfortable travel enjoyment.

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