Sightseeing Elevator

Careston observation elevator absorbs the superb requirements from overseas elevators.  It creates an unprecedentedly safe, smooth and popular travel.  It provides modern cities with fresh up / down enjoyment.  It is applicable for hotel, large-size shopping mall, commercial building etc.  Multiple layouts offer you more and more solution plans.

Multiple layouts allow you to have more solutions

Caring and considerate high-tech aesthetics

Delicate, flexible and magical design

Careston Elevator fully considers the features and environmental requirements of various buildings.  It integrates with advanced technology and design concept.  It shows graceful and attractive decoration design with different styles for extensive users with different demands.  It provides the passengers with happy visual enjoyment.

Fierce and reliable properties

Careston Elevator merges with advanced technology and elevator design.  On the basis of peaceful and comfortable travel, it ensures that the properties of all safety components go through the strict and harsh test and verification.

Effective use of energy

Frequency changer, control, lighting are equipped with stand-by mode through intellectual control system.  When it stands by, it saves about 40% of energy.

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