Forerunner of intellectual Web of Things elevator service

It adheres to human-centered life elevator concept.  Careston Elevator constructs intellectual Web of Things elevator service as core competitive power of the enterprise.  As industrial forerunner, it establishes brand-new standard in the field of elevator service.  It takes “platform, intellectual, professional, network” as service system.  It supplies comprehensive, considerate, care-free, human-centered experience that surpasses the clients’ desires.

Elevator Web of Things safety monitor system

It collects relevant elevator running data through special inducer.  It executes abnormal data analysis through micro-processor.  It strengthens inter-action of front-end elevator gateway monitor equipment.  It fulfills long-distance control, parameter setting, long-distance upgrading, long-distance data interchange, SMS awake etc. to elevators.  Such comprehensive intelligent elevator management platform integrates elevator trouble sensor & pre-alarm, emergency quick disposal, repair & maintenance examination, long-distance condition monitor, daily safety supervision, quality monitor & appraisal, prevention / removal to hidden danger, propagation of safety knowledge, selection of elevator repair & maintenance units, grade appraisal, purchase of elevators / parts, multi-media transmission etc. into one.