It features as smooth operation, low noise, durable, convenient repair, attractive and handy structure, advanced step, delicate stairway, charming outline model, soft and modern design style.  Every day, you enjoy leisure and pleasant moments in safe, comfortable and beautiful escalator.

Careston elevator surpasses your desire.  It is widely applicable for shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc. with large passenger flow.  It adds a bright and enchanted flowing scene for your building.

Low noise

Large diameter step roller, smooth operation, lower noise, longer life


Human-centered handrail entry installs protection brush.  It is safer.

Long life

Unique structure of truss square tube, high intensity, more thorough anti-corrosion treatment, good effect, long life

Elegant and beautiful

Multiple elegant and beautiful front-line checkered stainless steel are your choice with strong 3D sense.

Skirting LED above the step can effectively create a sweet travel atmosphere.  It also reminds the passengers of travel safety.

Infrared sensor on both sides of entry / exit front-line tread executes real-time detection to passengers in this area.  Escalator / moving walk runs automatically through communication control micro-computer.  It automatically stops when all leave.  It thus saves the energy.

Handrail brackets are inside / beside the handrail lamp.  Soft light appears more magical for running escalator.  (It matches with frosted glass for better effects.)

Unique bolt fastening mode:  It is not bolt nut locking mode.  It thus avoids host shift.  It is caused by too much force to bolt fixer, it then breaks.  It also relieves resonance to bottom plate of truss.

After it chooses frequency changer, it effectively reduces energy consumption.  Usually it saves 60% of energy with scarce passenger flow.  It effectively cuts down 80% of peak current.  Without load, escalator runs slowly.  When it detects the close of passengers, it restores to normal speed.

Heating device is installed in up / down machine room, inside up / down stairway assembly, under inclined step.  It mainly heats machine room, host and the whole stairway.

Dynamic display is for running direction, forbidden sign.  It appears concise and elegant.  It is noticeable and easily to be recognized in inner cover plate of escalator entry / exit.  It ensures that passengers safely and freely travel the elevators.

Green light softly sends out from meshing teeth of up / down adjacent step.  It reminds the passengers to note the entry / exit horizontal section.  It thus guarantees the travel safety.

In variable frequency control system, when it sets energy-saving operation, if nobody come for a period of time, high speed changes to low speed.  It thus saves energy and power.

Specially designed handrail roller can effectively prevent from hot handrail and noise by slider.  It thus greatly prolongs the service life of handrail.

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