Elevator renovation

In recent years, following the speedy development of China economy, users put higher and higher requirements to elevator function, comfortable travel, decoration etc.  Previously old elevators can no longer satisfy the users’ needs.  Meanwhile, elevators get older and older every day.  It is no more reliable.  Therefore people are crying for elevator transformation.

In order to satisfy the requirements in different buildings, we offer a lot of elevator solution plans.

As for renewal / transformation of old elevators, apart from ensuring new safety; prompt and convenient standards, renewed / transformed elevators increase the reliability, energy-saving, comfortable travel, attractive outline etc.
Three kinds of Careston elevator renewal / transformation plans can be formulated according to your actual needs.  Meanwhile, based upon our effective work progress, your elevators will be transformed within short period of time.  It reduces its affection to residents / renters as low as possible.

Overall renewal

It renews the whole elevator in the original well.  Based upon our effective work progress, you will get a completely modern elevator within short period of time.  It reduces its affection to residents as low as possible.


Modular renewal / transformation

Through modular transformation plan, it renews the whole system.  It thus noticeably enhances the elevator properties.  Modular transformation plan includes traction machine, electrical system, car door, signal system.


Parts renewal

For elevator parts renewal such as control system, door machine system etc., it enhances the elevator reliability, leveling accuracy.  It shortens the waiting time with great convenience.  For example, safety components can increase the elevator safety.

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