Elevator Monitoring System

It accurately knows current floor number.  It is good for concentrated management of residential quarter monitor.  It checks the people who enter into / exit from the elevators.  Or it keeps VCR for later examination.  If there is something wrong with elevator, it is convenient for repairers to know the exact floor for prompt disposal.

It completely controls your equipment.

1) As long as one computer installs Careston long-distance monitor system, it can easily monitor and manage all elevators and escalators in the building.
2) System can execute real-time display and report of the building traffic flow condition. Therefore it can instruct the administrators to timely dispatch the equipment according to the building transport requirements.  It thus optimizes the passenger flow.
3) System can execute real-time record to significant historical events.  It can play back and analyze them.  It offers precise running information.  It ensures safety and legality.

Advantages of elevator monitor system solution plans:

1)  Supervisors can execute real-time monitor to elevator conditions through network camera.
2)  If elevator goes wrong, system makes automatic alarm.  It quickly positions the trouble elevator in customer terminal software platform.  It records and stores it in server for later count / check.
3)  Customer terminal software platform can set use limit of log-in.  It thus prevents from malevolent data distortion.
4)  It sends elevator trouble information to designated number as soon as possible.  It is convenient for prompt rescue.
5)  It can easily integrate with the building monitor management system.

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